SMART I/O for Adobe CS6 Production Premium / CC

Matrox products have been the I/O hardware of choice for Adobe editors since 1995, offering many workflow advancements over the years. From the first realtime playback, realtime effects, and realtime export engines, to support for Mac and PC laptops and desktops with a single device, Matrox worked hand-in-hand with Adobe over many generations of the Adobe applications to make sure video professionals always had the tools they needed to do their jobs with the utmost creativity and productivity.

Now, the Matrox MXO2 devices are still the only solutions that connect anywhere, Mac and PC, via Thunderbolt, PCIe, or ExpressCard/34 – with the same versatile unit.

Along with the new Matrox Mojito MAX card, they are also the only I/O solutions on the market that let you deliver H.264 files up to five times faster than software alone without sacrificing quality!

Capture, scale, monitor, and output in any format you need – from analog and HDMI to HD-SDI. Monitor your 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound mixes using professional connections. Turn your HDMI screen into a professional grade video monitor with the unique Matrox HDMI Calibration Utility. Enjoy special benefits with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Media Encoder, and Encore.

Get the most from Adobe CS 5.5 Production Premium!

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro editors on the Mac can edit anywhere with Matrox MXO2 devices including on all the new Macs – 13", 15", and 17" MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, iMacs, and MacBook Airs.

You get broadcast-quality HD/SD video and audio input/output, inexpensive HDMI monitoring with the unique Matrox HDMI Calibration Utility, and 10-bit realtime hardware up/down/cross conversion on capture and output. The Matrox Vetura Capture application provides easy capture to Adobe system codecs or Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame full-raster (1920x1080) HD codec.

Adobe Premiere Pro for PC

Adobe Premiere Pro editors on the PC benefit from the full range of Matrox MXO2 and Mojito MAX features with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 with the added benefit of Matrox RT technology. Matrox RT technology enhances the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine to provide full-resolution, full-frame-rate, multi-layer, realtime video editing.

Matrox RT technology is designed for use with or without the presence of GPU acceleration. It provides many of the benefits of GPU acceleration but works with any system, even laptops. It optimizes your system to output to professional monitors at full-resolution and full-frame-rate.

In addition, Matrox RT provides advanced realtime Matrox Flex CPU effects such as primary and secondary color correction, smooth speed changes, and many more. You can also take advantage of the high-quality, highly-efficient MPEG-2 I-frame intermediate codec that streamlines working with CPU-taxing footage such as AVCHD and XDCAM. The Matrox I/O platforms work in conjunction with the power of your CPU to perform a variety of advanced realtime effects.

Realtime primary color correction

The primary color corrector provides basic proc amp control; three-way color correction complete with master, shadows, midtones and highlights control; input/output level control; and RGB curves control.

Realtime proc amp controls

Four proc amp controls let you adjust hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast. Hue adjusts the tint of the colors in the image. Saturation adjusts the vividness. Contrast adjusts the difference in luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of the image. Brightness adjusts the level of black.

Realtime color match and color balance

Colors can be corrected using nine parameters related to the black (shadow), midtone, and white (highlight) levels of your clips. You can easily match colors or balance blacks, whites, and grays against a reference shot in one simple step.

Realtime input/output level control

Using the histogram display and level controls, luminance levels can be remapped to maximize the dynamic range of a clip. For example, bright areas can be made brighter and dark areas can be made darker. Five parameters are available - black, white, and gamma levels on the input; and black and white levels on the output. Auto white and auto black controls are also provided.

Realtime RGB curves control

RGB curves control offers a fast, natural way to fine-tune the colors in your video. If, for example, you want to remove a blue tint from your video, you simply drag the blue curve down. With RGB curves you can also achieve wild color effects and other looks that are otherwise impossible.

Realtime secondary color correction

The secondary color corrector lets you achieve effects such as color pass and color replace. It can be used, for example, to change the color of a dress, deepen the background sky color, or to achieve an effect similar to the film Schindler's List where only one object or person remains in color while the rest of the image becomes black and white.

Realtime chroma and luma keying

Matrox provides one of the finest realtime chroma keyers in the industry. Clean blue- and green-screen keys are easy to achieve, even with HDV and AVCHD material shot in less than optimal lighting conditions. Your video is upsampled to 4:4:4:4 resolution and advanced noise reduction algorithms are used to ensure superior results.

The realtime luma keyer gives you low clip, low gain, high clip, high gain, and transparency controls.

Realtime speed changes

You can use speed changes to emphasize special moments, extend the duration of shots to match voiceover timing, or enhance the feeling of dramatic shots. You can apply smooth slow and fast motion with field or frame blending.

Realtime transitions

Standard dissolves, SMPTE wipes, and organic wipes with soft edges and color borders are provided.

Native Adobe Premiere Pro effects and transitions

Some of Adobe Premiere Pro's most popular native effects and transitions such as Opacity, Crop, Dip to Black, Black and White, Dissolve, and Additive Dissolve can be used in real time in SD. In HD, Matrox I/O devices accelerate these effects and transitions.

Realtime timecode

Matrox overwrites the Adobe Premiere Pro timecode filter so that it becomes realtime. The realtime time code effect lets you generate and overlay a time code counter on a video production. You can use it to make a dub of source tapes with time code "burn-in" then use these tapes to log scenes, create edit decision lists, or get client feedback on your finished production.

Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame intermediate codec

The Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame intermediate codec is a high-quality, highly-efficient 8-bit 4:2:2 video codec used mainly as a less processor-intensive way of working with long-GOP footage such as HDV, AVCHD, and XDCAM HD. The bit rate of the codec can be set between 50 and 300 Mbps, giving you the flexibly on each clip to make your own tradeoffs between video quality and storage considerations.

It can be used with Adobe Premiere Pro in four ways:

  1. as a full-raster capture codec when capturing from SDI or analog;
  2. as an intermediate editing format when working with CPU-taxing formats such as AVCHD to maximize quality as well as editability;
  3. as a rendering codec to ensure that "flattened" files maintain high quality when exporting or printing to tape; and
  4. as an effective archiving codec for material that may be used in future projects.

Adobe After Effects

Matrox I/O products let you experience your 2D and 3D motion graphics as you create them in After Effects, at full quality, full frame size, and full frame rate, with real-time RAM preview, on a wide range of monitors. You see your work as your client will, with accurate color representation and 1:1 pixel mapping. You can judge your work in a brand new way.

On the PC, Matrox also provides a variety of effects for use with After Effects – chroma clamper, chroma key, chroma key shadow, and luma ley, as well as primary and secondary color correctors. These effects are a perfect complement for users of Adobe Dynamic Link when working with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Adobe Photoshop

When working on those special graphics for your video productions, you can use the WYSIWYG feature of Matrox I/O products to preview your images on an external monitor. You can see how your graphics will be seen by your client.

Adobe Media Encoder

Matrox MAX-enabled MXO2 devices and the Mojito MAX card provide lightning H.264 encoding on the PC by directly integrating with Adobe Media Encoder. On the Mac Adobe Media Encoder is accelerated through the Apple Quick-time codec component. Další detaily ZDE ...

Adobe Encore

The WYSIWYG feature of Matrox I/O products lets you see your Blu-ray or DVD content, menus, chapters, and other authoring features on an external monitor, just as your customers will see them.

On the PC, you can use H.264 files created with Adobe Media Encoder and Matrox MAX in Adobe Encore or encode for Blu-ray directly within Encore, eliminating the need for time-consuming re-encoding.