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TVone C2-760 DVI Scaler PLUS


Číslo produktu: TV-C2760
Výrobce: TV one
Operační systém:
34 420 Kč (cena uvedena bez 21% DPH)

C2-760 DVI Scaler

1T-C2-760 DVI Scaler is based on TV One’s exclusive CORIO®2 technology and has a single Enhanced-Bandwidth high quality graphic scaler capable of working at full DVI video rates. The scaler can be used to convert digital DVI-D or analog DVI-A signals to another format, with full picture-in-picture flexibility.

DVI-D resolutions up to 1080p, 1920x1200@60Hz and 2880x900@60Hz are supported along with analog DVI-A (or HD15 via optional adaptor) resolutions up to 2048x2048 at virtually any refresh rate. A wide variety of computer signal formats are available to support PC, Mac and Workstation formats.

Enhanced-bandwidth processing ensure that both SD (525i/625i) and HD (1080i) YPbPr inputs are de-interlaced using pixel-based motion compensation at full resolution, and also features motion adaptive noise reduction. 3:2 pull-down is also included for SD/HD movie sources. Temporal interpolation is present to greatly improve frame-rate conversion.

The unit can also be used as a Seamless Switcher device, enabling the user to toggle between the two DVI inputs with cuts or other transitions. A Still Image Store is built into the unit which can store ten graphic images to be used by the scaler to add custom logos or masks.

Edge-blending is fully supported, complete with variable blend widths, gamma correction, and projector black-level adjustments. Two units can thus be used to create a large wide-screen display using two matched projectors.

All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even when power is switched off. Ten user defined presets (two controlled from the front panel) are also available to customize settings for various applications. An On-Screen Display is available to assist in setup. Functions can be controlled via the front panel Push Buttons, Infrared or RS-232. Windows Control Panel software is provided and most third party control systems interface directly with the entire C2 range of products. The unit is housed in a desktop case and an optional rack mount kit holds one or two units.

Variable Zoom to 10X and Variable Shrink to as little as 10% gives full control over the scaled window. Multiple units can be cascaded to add additional windows. A border may also be placed around the scaled window, of variable color, size, offset and transparency.

Advanced Features include Genlock, Chromakey, Lumakey and Mixing. The Key Mode allows computer graphics to be keyed over each other (one scaled input over or behind a non-scaled input). The images may be faded in and out. Due to the 4:4:4 sampling format, precise keying at the pixel level can be achieved. The PIP mode allows either input to be inset into a window over the other input.


Key Features of the 1T-C2-760

  • Single Enhanced-Bandwidth scaler
  • 2x DVI-I Inputs, 1x DVI-I Output
  • 1x Internal Still Image Store for 10 images
  • DVI-D I/O support to 2880x900, 1920x1200,1080p/60
  • DVI-A I/O support to 2048x2048, 1080p/60
  • Analog supports RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB & YPbPr
  • 525i/625i/1080i de-interlacing using motion compensation and adaptive noise reduction
  • 3:2 pull-down for 525i/1080i sources
  • Temporal interpolation frame-rate conversion
  • Variable window border color & size
  • Edge-blending
  • Cut/Fade/Wipe/Push source transitions
  • Control via RS-232, IR or Front Panel
  • Windows Control Panel
  • Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
  • Per-pixel or percentage scaling control
  • Single PIP of variable size
  • Autoset - Automatic analog picture sizing
  • Chromakey and Lumakey
  • Genlock and Mix
  • Optional IR Remote Control Unit
  • Optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit