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Sonnet Presto 10GbE 2port adapter | 10Gbase-T


Číslo produktu: SO-P10G
Výrobce: Sonnet
Provedení, rozhraní:
Operační systém:
9 030 Kč (cena uvedena bez 21% DPH)

Dvouportová 10G Base-T (RJ-45) / PCIe 3.0 karta. CAT6/6A kabeláž (55/100m). Intel x550 chipset. Podpora Link Aggregation, low latency.


10 Gigabit Cabled Networking

Ultra-Fast 10 Gb/s Network Connection

With creative pros’ increasing demand for greater data transfer speeds and more bandwidth over shared networks, it’s no wonder that 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) use has skyrocketed—this high-speed cabled networking standard offers ten times the performance of Gigabit Ethernet, the common wired network connection included with most computers today. To get your computer up to speed, you’ll have to adapt—Sonnet’s Presto™ 10GbE 10GBASE-T PCIe 3.0 card is a powerfully simple and cost-effective way to add dual-port copper 10GbE connectivity to your Mac Pro® tower or Windows® PC, or Linux® server.

Optimized for Thunderbolt

Got a Thunderbolt connection, but no PCIe slot? Presto 10GbE 10GBASE-T is ideal for use in one of Sonnet's Echo Express or xMac Thunderbolt-to-PCIe card expansion systems—the combo enables you to add ultra-fast 10GbE network connections to any Mac® or Windows PC with a Thunderbolt 2 port.