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AJA Hi5 3D miniconverter


Číslo produktu: AJ-Hi5D
Výrobce: AJA Video
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14 040 Kč (cena uvedena bez 21% DPH)

Hi5-3D : 3G/HD-SDI Multiplexer To HDMI 1.4a and SDI Video and Audio Converter

The Hi5-3D is a 3D video multiplexer that combines two 3G or HD-SDI Inputs into various multiplexed 3D formats for output on HDMI 1.4a and HD-SDI. The HDMI 1.4a output supports EDID transactions that allow automatic 2D/3D configuration per the HDMI monitor’s capabilities. Input SDI 2 will be frame synchronized to input SDI 1 in 3D Modes. Embedded SDI input audio is embedded in both the HDMI and SDI outputs. 2 channel RCA audio output is also supported with user control of channel selection. The Hi5-3D supports AJA’s MiniConfig application for user configuration and firmware download. 3D Modes Supported The Hi5-3D supports, depending on the video format, "side-by-side", "top-bottom", and "frame-packing" 3D modes. The "side-by-side" and "top-bottom" modes involve compressing, either horizontally or vertically, each input for combining into a single video stream at the same rate of the inputs. The "frame-packing" mode stacks two full resolution inputs into a "tall" frame (at twice the clock and line rates). When selected, "frame-packing" can only be used with 23.98/24Hz input frame rates. Each input, in addition to 3D processing, can be flipped either horizontally, vertically, or both. This control is provided by 4 switches that can be engaged in any combination.

Format support
The Hi5-3D works with both 2D and 3D inputs. When in the 2D mode, the input is simply passed to the output unmodified. In the 3D mode, the Hi5-3D supports the minimum required
3D modes as defined by the CEA for HDMI 1.4a televisions. CEA Required 3D modes:
2xSDI 1.5gb 720p50/59.94/60 T/B
2xSDI 1.5gb 1080p23.98/24 T/B, FP
2xSDI 1.5gb 1080psf23.98/24 T/B, FP
2xSDI 1.5gb 1080i50/59.94 S/S

• 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI 1.4a with additional SDI output
• 10-bit HDMI 1.4a support including 3D and embeddedaudio
• Additional 2 Channel RCA jack audio output
• Setup via Dipswitch or PC/Mac using USB port and supplied USB cable (USB configuration software application supplied on CD)
• DWP-U-R1 Power Supply Included

Input Formats:
• 720p 50/59.94/60
• 1080i 50/59.94/60
• 1080p23.98
• 1080p24
• 1080p25
Video Inputs:
• Dual 3G and HD-SDI (auto-selected),
SMPTE-292/296/424, 2x BNC
• 1 SDI for left eye input (10-bit)
• 1 SDI for right eye input (10-bit)
Video output:
• 10-bit HDMI v1.4a
• 1 3G/HD-SDI output, 10-bit
Audio Outputs:
• HDMI embedded audio, 2 or 8 channels
• 2 RCA-style analog outputs at -10 dBV (nominal), User assignable channels
• 5.8" x 3.1" x 1 (147mm x 79mm x 25mm)
• +5-20 VDC regulated, 5 watts